Victoria Sedwick

Chemistry; Indianapolis, Indiana.
Could you also provide me with a few quotes by answering these questions:

What is your best memory of WSSU?
"My best memory was attending the Annual Biomedical Research Conference (ABRCMS) with the MARC U*Star and RISE NGIMS Program. It was a wonderful experience. I got to see friends I’ve made over the years from other institutions and the graduate school fair was extremely helpful in my decision for the next step. I also enjoyed volunteering at the organic garden down the street."

What do you love about WSSU?
"The faculty and administrators are VERY welcoming. They’ve provided meals for me, transportation to the airport, taken me to their church and even invited me in to their homes. They really look out for my well-being. I don’t have any family nearby so its is wonderful to find so many people that are willing to make sure that I am okay. The same goes for students. WSSU truly fosters a familial environment."

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
"I expect to start my biomedical sciences PhD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. I currently have plans to pursue neuroscience however, I am open to whatever presents the most interest during my rotations.

How has WSSU prepared you for the future?
"As a member of WSSU’s RISE program, it is expected that we have something lined up post graduation therefore, they are more than accommodating for such preparation. They funded me and several other senior for Kaplan GRE prep, they granted us half off vouchers (we’d only pay $100 instead of the $200), and they wrote AMAZING recommendation letters for each school that I applied. They also guided me in writing my personal statement. In addition to my program, my amazing mentor Dr. Kanu did they same. He also nominated me for several awards that I didn’t even know existed, incorporated me into his international Chemist without Borders Sierra Leone Project and facilitated three publications. He would drill me every poster presentation and made sure I was able to explain everything in the simplest way possible (which is not easy) so that any and everyone could understand. Because of his mentoring, I won a poster award at ABRCMS and I also received an honorary second place award through MARC/RISE for Scholarship Day. Presentations are VERY important in graduate school because it is necessary to be able to relay your research. As a transfer student, I don’t think I would have found that type of support and encouragement anywhere else.

How has WSSU made a difference in your life?
"I came to WSSU as a transfer student. I walked away from a full scholarship and WSSU offered to support me for the remainder of my degree (shout out to the admissions department!). It provided a healthy environment to continue my education, conduct research and continue to explore my musical interests."

Posted by WSSU 1892 on 2017-05-16 21:41:31

Tagged: , Alex Sumner , Computer Science , Chancellor Scholar , Honors Program , President , Delta Alpha , How would you describe your WSSU experience? , Amazingly interesting. From the people that Iâve met to the different experiences that Iâve had to the situations that Iâve been in and witnessed. But I wouldnât trade this experience for anything. , What were some of your favorite parts of your college experience? , Connecting with like minded individuals , meeting new types of people , gaining life long friends , and unforgettable experiences. , Have you engaged in internships , research projects , study abroad , student leadership , community outreach , or other experiences that are enhancing your time at WSSU? , I participated in research during my first two years and summers at WSSU and then I had an internship Nationwide during my third summer. I also experienced student leadership and community outreach through Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity , Inc. as I was Chapter President for an organization known for its service. , Did you face any obstacles while pursuing your degree? , The biggest obstacle was definitely speaking to people. Iâve never been the most outgoing person , and Iâm still not , but I have come so far from when I first arrived at Winston. , What are your plans after graduation? , Iâm honestly still trying to decide this myself. Iâve had a lot of good opportunities present themselves to me but what Iâm leaning more towards right now is attending graduate school at A&T where Iâve been accepted into the Masters and PhD programs for , Are there any particular faculty , coaches , mentors , or staff that made a difference in your life? , Iâve had a lot who have definitely impacted me whether they know it or not. Of course my department chair , Dr. Elva Jones. The first professor I connected with and fraternity brother , Dr. Frederick Roundtree. My research mentor , Dr. Mustafa Atay. One of my favorite professors , someone I can always come talk to , and soror , Dr. Rebecca Caldwell. And of course , I could never forget the Honors Programâs heart and soul , Ms. Carolyn Thomas. Outside of WSSU , my mentor and fraternity brother , Mr. Reginald McCaskill. All of these people had an incredible impact on my life as well as some of my biggest decisions , opportunities , and accomplishments.

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