A Food Fight Party, Playing Planets, and Video Games Come to Life…. June’s Adventures in Homeschooling

This current year we began homeschooling Lucy (8), Hattie (5), Beatrice (2), and Arlo (8 months). We’re including this on our Giants & Pilgrims blog site as all our household activities apparently influence our art & music plenty! Also, we similar to revealing the stories. So we’ll be sharing posts regarding the themes we’ve already been addressing each month and calling the action “ABACUS”! Our hope is these articles will help spark imaginative course and motivation for your family as well as giving us somewhere become document and record our experiences.

Ahhhh. Summertime.  We aren’t performing any such thing structured for homeschooling over the summertime, however it is wonderful to see how unschooling (or chasing the spark) can play from these long summer time days.

Parties and Outdoor Play:

Lucy in the offing an Epic food fight battle for her 8 year-old party.
So enjoyable! We performed three rounds – break fast, meal, and dinner. Each round had a specific meals and challenge. Because of other mother recommendations internet based, it moved down with out a hitch.

Therefore absurd and fun.

a page Lucy blogged to her future self, with directions to mother so it can have to her on her behalf 8th B-day.

Testing out her new cent board with professional tips from friend Calvin.

June garden pool celebration vibes…

And yard sketching and reading (additionally spot the Hidden Valley Ranch simply because they made on their own a salad through the garden as a snack – ha ha ha)

Rolling along the mountains races in the University

Exploring the new city “stained glass” park!

First move ride for Arlo-man (in addition to picture that motivated mama to provide him their first haircut ha-ha!)

Robots Galore:

Lucy got a few Robot kits for her birthday celebration. She WANTS robots. Her current fixation is trying to figure out ways to get all her robots to-do her tasks for her. Hmmmm…..

Sound Books/Read Alouds:

We have recently “discovered” audiobooks (thank-you read aloud revival sound discounts!). Listed below are a couple we enjoyed this thirty days – (Tim read Harry Potter book two out loud – so wonderful to access relive these with this kids – and now we have actually loved these Jim Kay illustrated versions)


Lucy dressed up at Mary Poppins


The actual only real “theme” we enjoyed this thirty days had been planets and outer space. We used some Pinay Homeschool handouts making polymer clay planets.

Lucy received some stellar rocket ships

We enjoyed lots of space/aeronautic books through the collection. We specially ADORED the Armstrong and Lindbergh mouse activities. Wonderful pictures and tales – great sneaky histories for young ones.

We additionally read Magic school coach in room

Did some world play in the Windsor park

Circus Circus:

For Christmas this just last year, Tim got the girls and me tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia”. The complete program was about Mexico. It was utterly breathtaking. Therefore neat to give girls after our Mexico study final October. I’ve seen lots of their shows (and enjoyed them all) but this was undoubtedly the best.

I am talking about, they caused it to be rain on-stage – utterly magical.

Some Papel Picado inspired background.

And then some lighter moments circus books through the library

Lone Valley Class:

Greeley has a historical playground called Centennial Village which operate by the greeley museums. The two older women participated in each day camp there at the beginning of Summer called Lone Valley class. They loved it. Countless traditional tasks and enjoyable.

They were so involved with it that the 2nd time they insisted on wearing period particular costumes.

Let me reveal a photograph associated with old fashioned school house and some of exercises from their particular primers.

Day breaks contains time playing old-fashioned games like stilt hiking and band toss.

Making and Baking:

Fort building around the dining room table.

Marionette dragon making task at the collection

Lucy truly desired to invent a meal and bake it. So, with some assistance/suggestions from mama, let me reveal this lady recipe she created “Lucy’s Mini Cupcaks”. They proved amazingly delicious!!

Dino Days:

Tim took girls to Dinosaur times within Colorado Model Railroad Museum


Lucy has actually been improving her portrait/drawing from life skills. This will be a drawing she did of Tim as he was reading Harry Potter out loud.

And here’s Harriet’s wonderful “portrait” of the woman imaginary buddy “Twinklebell”

Clay could possibly get pretty messy, so summertime could be the perfect time for you play with ceramics since we can take action outside.

Dance Recital:

Lucy and Harriet both danced in their studios yearly dance recital.

Celebrating with frozen dessert into the park a short while later.

Legend of Zelda Breath for the crazy:

Our best friends lent united states their Nintendo switch at the house for the month. We’re not a gaming household, but we liked all the Zelda games since the very beginning. It has been so fun to relax and play this amazing game as a family. Its breathtakingly stunning and thus fun – mountain climbing, cooking, therefore plenty globe to explore. So, we’d to possess an actual life Zelda adventure too… everybody else would be only a little sad to come back the switch the following month.

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A Food Fight Party, Playing Planets, and Video Games Come to Life…. June’s Adventures in Homeschooling

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