A Funny Thing Happened on My Spiritual Journey

The Baha’i teachings say we must by themselves research truth for ourselves and reach our very own conclusions, and never thoughtlessly follow others simply because they state some thing does work. 

Here’s a quotation from Baha’u’llah that pertains to the separate examination of truth. Inside estimate, the language “My” and “Me” refer to Jesus. 

O Son of Character! The greatest beloved of most things within my picture is Justice; change not away therefrom if thou desirest Me, and ignore it not too i might confide in thee. By its help thou shalt see with thine own eyes rather than through the eyes of other people, and shalt know of thine own understanding and not through the familiarity with thy neighbor. Ponder this in thy heart; how it behooveth thee to-be. Verily justice is My gift to thee additionally the sign of My loving-kindness. Set it up after that before thine eyes. — The Concealed Words, pp. 3-4.

However, examining truth for ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t have a sense of humor about any of it. I wish to share some entertaining moments that took place within my very own examination regarding the Baha’i Faith. 

My Very First Encounter with all the Baha’is

It Absolutely Was very early October, 1965. I became a sophomore during the University of Kansas. The beginner Union was going to have their particular yearly Student Union strategies Carnival, which enabled university groups to entice new people.

I was fascinated, and I constantly liked becoming within the Union because it had great eateries. And so I chose to attend the Carnival, held in Union Ballroom. As I joined the Ballroom, I saw many stands throughout. On opposite end ended up being a map worldwide elevated high enough that everyone could notice it. Over the chart had been a really odd word: “Baha’i.” It performedn’t state “Baha’i Club.” It performedn’t say “Baha’i Faith.” Only “Baha’i.”   

I thought to myself: “Oh, a nation in Africa.” Used to don’t go nearby the booth because I wasn’t enthusiastic about brand-new African countries. 

Teasing D.J., a Fellow Student Which Told Me About Baha’u’llah

I met a student named D.J., who was simply examining the Baha’i Faith for himself. While he became much more serious about it, we started teasing him. He’d a great spontaneity and took my teasing really. My personal favorite way of teasing him would be to wave my hand as though saying good-bye and say: “Baha’i Baha’i.”

My First Request to Read Concerning The Baha’i Faith

I was interesting, and so I requested D.J. numerous questions regarding their new examination. He responded my questions about the Baha’i teachings. 1 day we stated, “Okay D.J., I’m not going to join this crazy religion, but give myself all of the pamphlets you’ve got.” He gave me about ten. I read them all exactly the same day.

I Didn’t Realize I’d Become A Religious Fanatic

After reading those pamphlets, I place a few of them to my bulletin board in my dormitory space. I started enthusiastically telling my fellow residents within the dorm about Baha’u’llah. We sat with various individuals at morning meal, meal, and supper and easily raised the Baha’i Faith. Used to don’t care if they desired to read about it or not. I just blurted it. I became unaware that I’d become a fanatic. I merely believed I became “high on Baha’i.” 

My Protective Reaction Each And Every Time We Went To Baha’i Firesides (Introductory Meetings)

“I’m not going to join this religion—I’m simply curious about it.” When I stated in this manner too many times, the Baha’is ended being tricked. I happened to be also unstoppable about Baha’u’llah along with his teachings.

D.J.’s Reaction To a Question I Inquired Him

D.J. labeled as me personally “Twenty issues” because I asked countless, specifically after he previously become a Baha’i. One-day I asked D.J. a concern. He responded, half-serious, half teasing: “Marty, shut up and commence reading!” Therefore I performed.

My First psychological Reaction to Reading the Writings of Baha’u’llah

Many people are so moved if they read the writings of Baha’u’llah which they break down sobbing. We laughed. We don’t imply a laid-back laugh. We laughed hard. I possibly couldn’t describe it. I really couldn’t manage it. I happened to be so moved i simply believed like laughing with delight. It simply happened naturally. It took many years in my situation to end doing this since it made folks uncomfortable. 

Beyond Moderation—Way Past

I was Jewish. We went to Jewish functions in Kansas City and freely passed out Baha’i pamphlets. I did son’t care if folks wanted them or not. I simply requested, “Have you heard of the Baha’i Faith? Here’s a pamphlet that informs about any of it!” “Have you heard of Baha’u’llah? Have Actually a pamphlet!” The man responsible for the Baha’i collection warned me personally, “Marty, as long as you’re Jewish, you can easily hand out all the pamphlets you desire. But if you ever become a Baha’i, you’ll need to stop, because proselytizing is prohibited.” We said “Thank you” and proceeded handing out pamphlets. It took quite a long time before I took their terms seriously and stopped this obnoxious behavior. 

Poked into the Eye on the Way to the Temple

Two Baha’is took me to Chicago to see the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette. We rode regarding the L going north. The L crossed a bridge over a canal. I saw the Temple inside length. “There it’s!” I exclaimed, pointing my finger to it. My little finger arrived inside eye of one for the Baha’is who accompanied me. 

I Gave a Talk at a Kansas City Fireside

We visited a Baha’i fireside in Kansas City, but at eleventh hour, the fireside speaker had not been able to attend. Because I had already been reading numerous Baha’i books and regularly attending firesides, I happened to be asked to give the talk. What a joy to-be speaing frankly about Baha’u’llah to a small grouping of men and women, even though I happened to be nevertheless Jewish! 

D.J.’s Reaction Whenever I Informed Him I Wanted in order to become a Baha’i

I experienced remained immediately within my buddy D.J.’s apartment. On Saturday early morning, January 14, 1967, at 1000 Ohio in Lawrence, Kansas, I went along to D.J.’s room. I inquired, “D.J., will you be awake?” “Yes,” he groaned. I said, “i wish to declare.” (Declaring requires signing a declaration card—an administrative procedure—in that I declared my belief in Baha’u’llah.) D.J. responded, “Oh Marty, get back to sleep.” I said, “D.J., I’m serious. I Wish To declare.” I finalized my card around 9:20 am. We call that day “Declaration Day ’67″—and today i believe of it as the most important day of my life.

On Probation for Researching Too Many Baha’i Books

After becoming a Baha’i, i ran across to my scary, I’d already been apply educational probation inside my college. I experienced already been reading numerous Baha’i publications, that We neglected reading publications for a course I happened to be using: Western society. Why read Plato, once I could read Baha’u’llah? I obtained a “D” because course. If I didn’t get my grades up that semester, I would flunk out-of university. By God’s elegance and my attempts, i acquired down probation, and graduated with exceptional grades.  

The viewpoints and views expressed in this essay are those associated with the author only and don’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of BahaiTeachings.org or any organization of this Baha’i Faith.
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A Funny Thing Happened on My Spiritual Journey

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