Face of another Muslim + Pakistani Man(view on black or Original Version please)

Face of another Muslim + Pakistani Man(view on black or Original Version please)

I do respect men and admit All Muslims and Pakistanis are not dickheads, Many of them are very nice ; However when a man try to scared me with bad language and saying hey act respectfully to me otherwise I declare you bad made me to say waht I want to say and the WAY I WANT TO SAY on occasions I what I just burst out loud NOW:D SInce for 10 years of my life I have just bear not given an answer and never say any word and still have heard negative words about me and my family. As kutty ki bachi you belongs to cheap family etc.
Any ways day before yesterday I was on a link of FB friend and one of the person have said, " Today we have wrong kind of Ulma-e-deen" or something like this on Amir LIyaqat Hussain’s behind the scene video leaked by some one in which he is using very very bad language and on screen he says don’t abuse it is against Islam any ways I have said today’s scholars?? Friend from centuries Scholars are making us Muslims fool for example I have sent them a link to the picture and I have explained whatmy thinking now two of the persons from my friend’s list sent me request to add them as friends at first I hesitate but then I have thought let see what these jerks are going to say. Now thats a long story how tey called me stupid and I answered them you are chutiya now I don’t know where is te sexuality in chutiya for me it is equal to jerk and don’t have any dea if jerk is some kind of sex related abuse:~O any ways later these guys Raja Habib and Owais Ali started saying you are using sexual abuses. Now see fro your self friends On my FB status I just say that government of Pakistan need to hang Salman Taseer’s killer too. Now Raja Habib started saing Salman Taseer was rapist I have said if he rape your sister or any one else’s mother or wife they must make a report but as your leader Munawar Hassan have said that if there ae not four witnesses of rape there is no Rape well you must be wrongacusing him as rapist now. And when he said you are fabricated thse pages I just showed him my and an other friend of my brother’s conversation and how after asking a priest he said all these are true and what are the reasons according to mulla there for each and every thing. Now tat dumb person on that link have written "Sajad Chaudary" That extremely stupid person was saying later asuming I wiill be worried for a while how do he knew my EX Husband’s name and will try to figure this out that how he get my Ex Husband’s name. I have said to him probably you are his sala(His wife’s bro) there fore you knew him that he was my husband and father of my children. Then at some point he said " "i myself is a citizen you dont pay attention on any thing thats why u did not figured out"
My answer was " I don’t have any interest in you so I don’t need to care or search about you sir"
This is very true tat I do care and search for respected personalities I really Like. I don’t do search for every Tom, Dick, Harry ;-))
So he was deleting his comments ry quickly and as he typed my EX’s name there and later asked me like he he done some great dig of a news I realized that dumbo was trying to shock me. That may be I would feel embarrassed seeing his name on my wall and my words you may see here I think I have my link for every one there so you might view and comment too if not let me know please.
Why I have selected above email notifications just see this person is quoting a hadees Raja wrote: "Hazrat Abu Bakr used to hold his tongue because he considered it as the organ that can take him to Jahannum. Hadith; “Whosoever gives me a guarantee to safeguard what is between his jaws and what is between his legs, I shall guarantee him Jannah.”"
Then second email on left upper corner see how much control this person he must have on his tong," Raja wrote: "dum ass women how would i know that you have written a story"
Now I was surprised tat wow is maha stupid person doesn’t click on the link and if I would be at his place instead of searching on the net and finding phone number and address for him or her I just like to see through the link and related pictures from that person he just did not even read what is the issue and I am talking about.

then first part of hades is control tong and other is to control your lust now ths MUSLIM man at his lowest giving me is address and saying if I would like to visit him. Very cheap way against all the educations of Islam.
Raja wrote: "this is the add where i will reside for a week you are welcum there 5512 ARROW HWY #B MONTCLAIR CA 91763"
Now many Muslim and Pakistani women would have think that if she didn’t do this on web she must not go through this "Disrespect" bu do you think that only on the conditions of a man a woman can get respect otherwise not?? and I know one thing with their prostitutes they use very good o language and pay them money for sta ome mothers and house wife they have just bad looks and bad words and tons of Ahades that will tel yu a wife must be an alive deadbody woh can breath but can’t think and ask her husband for any thing.
Here I am quoting oher NOTIFICATION from FB " Raja wrote: "There are other females here who deserve all kinds of respect from every where because these ladies know what the respect means to them and how to protect it . Just because of your tounge sajjad chaudary divorce you and your kids are suffering today."
Means hey do respect o those they are SLAVES to them slave irl s other meanings are Prostitute just to make Prostitutes sound symptomatic Muslim Scholars used word slave girls for prostitutes. So if a women deny to be a slave they will just try to tap her at any cost this is their Muslmani..
And you can see at the end in lower right hand corner a message saying Raja wrote: "I am glad for that man he must be enjoying a peaceful life"
In asnwer to these lines I have just said, " I pray for your sister, daughters , niece’s even for your mother that as second husband she should have and all the irls of your family and any one who says Sajjad Chaudhary was an angel and I was wrong they and women of their families must have husband like him." Amen he di dnot say amen to this rayer lol
That reminds me the time i was not able to say even if he is wrong that he is wrong and just smile afr listening to an verbal abuse I always drink my own tear now I don’t want to drink any bitterness I want to throw out and bakc that bitterness if a person try to abuse and scared me in any kind.
one day I have said when my EX was doing break fast and he said," You are an un thank full woman, You can not find a nice husband like me.You must say Thanks Allah all the times" and I answered, " Yes I always thank Allah that he gave me you and I pray that your nieces must have husband just like you." I dropped the piece of bread I ws holding and bowed down to pick thatp and "THA" I have heard sound and all around me pieces of the Corral Plate h smiled just a very sick smile and said " bach gai warna sar pe lagti pata chhata" You just missed otherwise you gonna ge hurt your head" and I thought I thewould be blood bloody! gonna call police" but I di dnot call at that day to police.
Now I have said one of my friend once that Mulla je(priest) says that don’t be alone with a man….OK I thing t’s getting to lengthy and will be a problem to read hrough Ipod or iphone lol so I will say those things later for now it is yu have to decide is this person is man of his words or not?? I mean advising a woman to be polit and nice and does he showed that kind of charter??

Posted by Bushra & Sons on 2011-08-19 07:22:41


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Face of another Muslim + Pakistani Man(view on black or Original Version please)

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