Fan gets funny Floyd Mayweather tattoo after losing bet on McGregor

Floyd Mayweather tattoo bet

Grayson Gregory is not exactly a Floyd Mayweather Jr. lover, but he can be linked — and inked — into the fighter for the rest of his life. That’s as the 31-year-old on Monday got a tattoo on their leg of Mayweather’s face to settle a lost wager.

Gregory, just who runs functions for a social internet marketing business, bet a colleague last month that Conor McGregor would overcome Mayweather during their boxing match in vegas on Saturday. The terms of the wager dictated your loser needed to get a tattoo of victorious fighter.

Here’s the end result for Gregory:

That tattoo seems on Gregory’s left shin nearby his other leg tattoo. He today has 7-8 tattoos total, he estimates, including almost a sleeve on their arm.

So how did the tattoo bet happen?

Gregory claims he had been sitting around in the company along with his business companion 5-6 weeks hence discussing the battle. Gregory is a huge MMA fan and had been so confident “in Conor’s belief that he could win,” that he was persuaded to help make the tattoo bet, he informed Larry Brown Sports over the phone Monday.

Gregory bought into McGregor’s self-confidence much that he took a straight-up bet even though McGregor ended up being seen as much underdog entering that which was his first expert boxing battle.

He does not regret making a straight up wager, though he now joyfully acknowledges he ended up being packed with “pure bravado” and “just becoming an idiot with-it” when he made the bet.

Gregory acknowledges he was “nervous” before the battle started, knowing that which was on the line.

Whilst the battle had been advancing and McGregor was showing signs of losing, Gregory however opted to not ever straight back out. The guy with who he made his wager provided him the opportunity to buy his solution associated with bet for $250, but Gregory declined. By the period, he figured he would “ride or die” together with choice.

McGregor apply a respectable showing but destroyed via 10th-round TKO to Mayweather.

Significantly less than 48 hours later, Gregory didn’t wish to “chicken aside” in his terms, so he made the phone call to setup their tattoo appointment. He got the job carried out by Kenny Herring at Heritage Tattoo in Temecula, Calif. on Monday, because of the cost of the tattoo becoming split evenly by Gregory as well as the winner of this wager.

Does he feel dissapointed about the bet and going through utilizing the tattoo?

“Not after all,” Gregory told LBS. “I’ve been giggling from the time used to do it.”

And though he says he wears short pants a great deal — revealing his Mayweather tattoo and also the funny tale behind it — Gregory states he’ll maybe not mask the ink. He also claims he wouldn’t forget to put a tattoo exactly in danger in a future wager, acknowledging this “kind of opened the floodgates.”

Gregory, which hosts the Prove myself incorrect Podcast, says he believed McGregor did really regardless of the loss.

“I was thinking he presented himself very well. As a UFC fan, we thought we had lots operating on on it,” Gregory stated. “Granted we wished him to win, but he had beenn’t knocked-out. All sides variety of won onto it.”

Gregory hopes that McGregor will choose to battle Nate Diaz after that in what will be the 3rd fight between the males. For their sake, let’s wish Gregory doesn’t end up getting a portrait of Diaz tattooed on their other knee after that one.

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Fan gets funny Floyd Mayweather tattoo after losing bet on McGregor

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