High School has Made a Tradition of Funny School ID Pictures

Funny School ID Photos

Photo: @margordss

By the time your senior year of high school rolls around, you’re ready to graduate. But why not have some fun while you’re eagerly waiting to don your cap and gown? The senior class at the North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan starts the year off right with a quirky tradition; they’re encouraged to dress up in costume for their school ID photos.

Hilarity ensues as the class of 2018 channels different characters from popular culture. From books to movies to memes, there’s a wide array of get-ups that go well beyond a conventional crisp blouse and forced smile. Characters from Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Bob’s Burgers are just a few of the personas that these young people take on. Others imitate folks in real life, such as Donald Trump’s hair and his use of HUGEEE. There’s even one student who dressed as the viral “girl goes crazy for cotton candy” meme.

Many of the participating students shared their funny school ID pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #NFID18. Their tweets, which introduce their characters, are the icing on the cake to this creative custom.

Each year, the senior class of North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan partakes in a quirky tradition.

They don hilarious costumes for funny school ID pictures.

From books to movies to memes, the imaginative costumes are a fun way to start the students’ final year.

h/t: [Bored Panda, Nerdist]

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High School has Made a Tradition of Funny School ID Pictures

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