In this crevasse was the beautiful green snake

In this crevasse was the beautiful green snake

“Remember the Snake in honour,” said the Man with the Lamp; “thou owest her thy life; thy people owe her the Bridge, by which these neighbouring banks are now animated and combined into one land. Those swimming and shining jewels, the remains of her sacrificed body, are the piers of this royal bridge; upon these she has built and will maintain herself.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Das Märchen/The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, 1795. Translated by Thomas Carlyle, 1832.) [Das Märchen] portrays in imaginative form Goethe’s impressions of [Friedrich] Schiller’s On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a series of Letters. The story revolves around the crossing and bridging of a river, which represents the divide between the outer life of the senses and the ideal aspirations of the human being.(the wiki)“Goethe’s Ferryman, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.” William Sauts Netamuxwe Bock.The heroes of Goethe’s very atypical fairy tale are an elderly couple and a female snake. There are also four kings in an underground temple: one king is gold, another silver, the third bronze, and the last a mix of the three. The kings are pushy and really argumentative. I don’t want to judge, but I need to say that they just seem to disagree and threaten much more than necessary.Cast of the short-lived TV series Four Kings (2006).* Also featured: a dog named Mops; cabbage; onions and onyxes; a pair of tricky will o’ the wisps; and a dashing prince who is captivated by a beautiful flower. Their love is mutual but the lily is poisonous to anyone who touches her so, to their poignant agony, the lovers can’t consummate their passion. I think that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complications a prince and a flower might encounter, sexwise, but again — I try not to judge.“Goethe’s Beginning, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.” William Sauts Netamuxwe Bock.It’s actually kind of murky in Goethe’s story whether she’s a flower or a woman, for the record. Everyone calls her the fair lily and she has flowerlike attributes but she’s also got hands and can talk, and she is traditionally portrayed in illustrations as an actual woman. There is a modern opera based on this fairy tale, but I’ve never heard it. However, I predict the part of the fair lily is played by a human and not a flower. Flowers simply do not have the range for the coloratura compositions that had become the neoclassic fashion in the 1960s.Beautiful Maria, patronest saintest of all my patron saints.Look — Callas lily. Get it? God, I’m so awful. All done.

*I will never pass up an opportunity to post up pictures of Seth Green and I am neither sad nor proud about that. Also, Scrubs supafly ukemaster Kate Micucci, she of the brain-asplodin’ cuteness, was on Four Kings. Such a woeful disappointment that the show was canned.

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Scarcely had she swallowed them, when, with extreme delight, she began to feel the metal melting in her inwards, and spreading all over her body; and soon, to her lively joy, she observed that she was grown transparent and luminous. Long ago she had been told that this was possible; but now being doubtful whether such a light could last, her curiosity and her desire to be secure against her future, drove her from her cell, that she might see who it was that had shaken in this precious metal. She found no one. The more delightful was it to admire her own appearance, and her graceful brightness, as she crawled along through roots and bushes, and spread out her light among her grass……………………..Goethe
The Tibetan adepts mastered the lucid dream state and used them as a means to realising that all things perceived through the senses are illusory and that the only reality is Nirvana. “The Universal Creation, with its many mansions of existence, from the lowest to the highest Buddha paradise, and every phenomenal thing therein… are but the content of the Supreme Dream. A fascinating discovery of the Tibetans is how lucid dreams can be used to trigger extra sensory perception ESP and as a means to travel in other dimensions outside of the body. (On page XX is an experiment you can try to trigger a lucid dream.)
Sleep and dreams are necessary for every living being. Without them we cannot live. Sleep is one of the most joyful experiences that the world provides; it restores us and brings us peace. The Hindus tell us that during sleep we breath in living energy called prana. During sleep, the prana life-force becomes like holy fire that awakens the spirit and energises us.
In the Vedas, it explains that, during sleep, the true spiritual seeker may be able to “reach the Brahma-loka which the person has earned by his Karma to attain.” This means that during sleep it is possible to taste the mergence with the Supreme Consciousness that many yogis seek through years of meditation. During the sleep state the Jivi (the ego) is capable of experiencing the whole of reality and can perceive the outer world, the inner world and other dimensions. In addition, it can see into previous lives and into the fabric of time. In dreamless sleep, the Jivi can enter the region known as the Brahma-loka which is the divine plane of existence that transcends all gross worlds. It is the supreme bliss of exalted consciousness. Realisation of this state can happen effortlessly during sleep. But the Hindu sutras and teachings also advise us that this experience is temporary and does not last. To the realised person dreams can bring great bliss and free a person from attachment, deep sleep can bring rejuvenation of the life energy and dreamless sleep can give a taste of the ultimate reality. Dreams reveal reality. What was once hidden can now become manifest….Goethe

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In this crevasse was the beautiful green snake

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