Iowa City schools’ special education work verified, more work needed


Holly Hines,
Posted 6:32 p.m. CT Aug. 23, 2017

The Iowa division of knowledge verified Tuesday that Iowa City schools completed a number of steps targeted at fixing special knowledge noncompliance, but the division called for continuous work.

a page from division said the district corrected violations identified a year ago during an investigation associated with the unique education program, nearly all of which pertained toward district’s control of individualized knowledge programs or plans, that are special to every unique education student.

But as an element of a brand new system for keeping schools accountable, the division identified the Iowa City Community class District as an area needing “intensive aids,” the page stated.

This designation means officials using the department and give Wood Area Education Agency will stay working together with the area on unique training improvements during the next couple of years, according to the page.

Staci Hupp, communications director for the Department of knowledge, stated in a message that the brand new responsibility design helps the department and education agencies across the condition ensure schools and districts follow knowledge regulations and possess access to aids they want.

Hupp said no other area in Iowa is obtaining intensive aids in unique training, although division has provided 15 districts and nonpublic schools voluntary help in the area of very early literacy for the 2017-18 school year.

She said conformity assistance is needed.

Lisa Glenn, the area’s unique training manager, stated in an email that the district works using division to explain the scope of their continuing work with the department and agency.

“we shall utilize our (education agency) lovers to create a tentative plan for dancing, after that work with the (education department) to determine the needed and available support,” she said.

The district also intends to reopen time for comments on its unique education delivery plan, which offers information regarding how the area organizes unique education services.

Glenn and Jane Fry, which served as interim special knowledge director during the past school year, presented the master plan into the college board Tuesday and took concerns through the board about comments on the program.

They said the area published the plan on the region’s website to garner feedback come early july.

But Fry stated she did not receive any comments, although she noted moms and dads and staff took part into the committee that evaluated the master plan.

Board people Phil Hemingway and Lori Roetlin expressed concerns towards decreased comments and called for additional tips to alert parents.

“Given the conditions of special knowledge and every little thing when you look at the district as of this present time, I think it’d be important for all of us to open this up … since individuals might not have been conscious that this is something which that they had an opportunity to touch upon,” Hemingway said.

The board opted not to vote from the plan.

Glenn stated the area plans to look for much more comments and inform special training parents through mail and mailed copies for the plan. The new due date for obtaining feedback is October 1.

Those wanting to offer comments can e-mail Glenn at

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Iowa City schools’ special education work verified, more work needed

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