Jason Collins Gay Athlete Benediction by Obama in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. What about Sheikh Khalifa? Oh I know where I can get his news for sure. Lemme’ hit the sponsored propagandists: KHALEEJTIMES & GULFNEWS.

Jason Collins Gay Athlete Benediction by Obama in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. What about Sheikh Khalifa? Oh I know where I can get his news for sure. Lemme’ hit the sponsored propagandists: KHALEEJTIMES & GULFNEWS.

You daren’t publish this but I’ll take a rain check.
I got this in my inbox from the DAILYMAIL: “Celebrations and Jubilations – An Unforgettable Royal Experience” before opening it. I thought this what am waiting for: Oh boy. This is it. This must be the full coverage of Sheikh Khalifa’s Historical State Visit to England. As I hit ‘open’ God Heaven. Buckingham Palace gone for sale from £219pp. Oh My God! Queen Beatrix abdicated Holland thrown to her kid Prince Willem. Where the Hell is the QUEEN of England? She’s supposed to be receiving Abu Dhabi Sheikh as we speak? Oh-No media coverage dark out. It must be bad what’s going on? As matter fact all British headlines focusing on Jason Collins Gay Athlete Benediction by Obama in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. What about Sheikh Khalifa? Oh I know where I can get his news for sure. Lemme’ hit the sponsored propagandists: KHALEEJTIMES & GULFNEWS. I got it. The usual sponsored slide-show. The Queen stood in the shade while Sheikh Khalifa out inspecting the Beefeaters. I can smell Prince Philips vinegary farts from right here. Akhkheeeh. Poor fellow he got an erection in his pancreas. And then the: BOMB – KABOOOAM from THE INDEPENDENT that put Sheikh Khalifa back on British Headlines. David Cameron confronted Sheikh Khalifa in Ten-Downing-Street to conduct an independent investigation and release immediately 3 Drug Traffickers busted last year for being too stooopid and too dumb vulnerable to be arrested by Dubai Police. Grant Cameron [Irish], Suneet Jeerh [Indian] and Karl Williams [Nigerian] who also happened to hold British passports. THE INDEPENDENT described the trio as Londoners conquistadores on assignment – selling state of art synthetic narcotics to world children in Dubai – apprehended during business hours and they were forced to sign a confession in Arabic or else their rectums will be rammed in Jumeirah Hilton (that’s Britons Executive Branch in al-Aweer Prison). All-that-jazz was in July last year now we’re in May. Damn it 10 months. Rotting in jail for selling drugs? Ain’t fair they are British they’re supposed to be surfing and sipping champagne with Mr. Lawless in Burj al-Arab. Why the hell David Cameron waited that long and treasured his vendetta to extort Sheikh Khalifa now in London, he could settled it on phone. That’s hypocritical. Hold on don’t be foolish. David Cameron exploited Sheikh Khalifa historic visit to Hijack British headlines for his failing tenure at Ten Downing Street. Oh No that crap. I warned you. No conspiracy theory allowed here. I am Truther ain’t BULLSHITTER. He’s meaner than that. David Cameron likes to get even with Queen’s Guest on his mating ground right near his fireplace – where he adds laxative into his guest’s tea to rush him out. Particularly June-disappointments. The HOTAIR that he got NOTHING outta Abu Dhabi overtures. He wanted to tell his guest things his prodigals shielded from him about the unproductive fruitless futile outcome of his June 2012 visit to Abu Dhabi. THE-BIG-FIVE-SHOW paid his fair to Dubai then. Mean Moriarty Moves: David Cameron choked-up Queen’s Guest with useless Drug Dealers’ Dilemma. He hit the jackpot. He got everything. I bet they signed everything David Cameron tossed across. He didn’t needed to raise the Debt-Laden Unprivileged Emarati Activists’ Issue or the Human-Right Violations that yet to be shelved at the right price and the right time. Mind UAE House 131,000 over Paid British Unemployables Bankruptcies. Can you believe that a great chunk of them insured their life against David Cameron SCREWUPS with UAE Authorities? Let’s pray. O Lord, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant, because it gave access to the king in those seasons of hilarity when men are.
Ali and India. Pretty genius metaphor. We should know that we have strength, we have stamina, we have bulk, we have presence, reputation and we have history that if someone wants to take few blows at us we will be able to withstand them. Kudos Salman Khurshid! oh by the way here’s 182 Terrorists Organizations based in India. How would Ali Criterion help Delhi to bust them? You kill one they kill hundreds and devastate millions. Never about money its lose change. Here’s some specimens Stipulated hereinbelow: ZRV,ZRA,UPDS,UNLF,UMLFA,ULMA,ULFA,UKLF,UIRA,UILA,UBLF,TTYF,TTYF,TTVF,TTSF,TTDF,TTACF,TSV,TSV,TRRB,TPC,TNRT,TNRF,TNLA,TNDTF,TNA,TMP,TLOF,TLF,TDF,TCF,TATCF,SIMI,SDFT,RNSF,RMC,RJC,PULF,PREPAK,PRA,PLF-M,PLA,NSCN-K,NSCNI-M,NSCN-IM,NNC-Adino,NMT,NLFT,NEMF,NDFB,MVF,MULTA,MULFA,MTF,MSF,MSCA,MPLF,MLTA,MLA,LTTE,KZF,KYKL,KSF,KRPC,KRLO,KRF,KRA,KPF,KNV,KNV,KNO,KNF,KNA,KNA,KLO,KLF,KLF,KLA,KKK,KIF,KIA,KDF,KCP,KCF,KAF,IURPI,ISYF,ISS,Isak-Muivah,IRPA,IRF,INF,ILAA,IKL,HULA,HRF,HPC-D,HPC,HNLC,GTF,DHD,CPI-ML-Janashakti,CPI-Maoist,CKRF,BVYLF,BTFK,BTF,BNCT,BMS,BLTF,BKI,BCF,ATVF,ATTF,ATNF,ATLO,ATBSF,ATBR,ASF,AS,ANVC,AISSF,ADF,ABNES,AAASS, ADINO
I said on Apr 19, 2013 Bravo Jane. You’re really my girl. Welcome to Lee Harvey Oswald World.
Ron Paul is dead-right when he said that USA is a Third World Banana Republic. FBI UNINDEXED clashing Testimonies to jab published ground truth is outrageous. FBI is forcing everyone to LIE even in Yesterday’s President Obama’s 48 minutes answers in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. Please invite some Black-belt Body-Linguists to watch Obama’s body-language in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. Focus on when he says “I talk to Putin” watch his eyes. Oh by the way! I picked a new phenomenon from Obama: ‘Self-Radicalized” as ‘self-charged battery.’ Back to FBI: FBI Testimonies are on my radar since Christmas Bomber. FBI become another MOKHABARAT (Secret Police) in my backyard. I have no doubt that FBI finish product ain’t authored by Qualified Patriot Americans but by our WORST Urban Rejects who fled our Sewers to strike rich in the Wild Wet West. People stood no chance of any success in our backyard how the hell they will be added-value assets and will add intelligence to FBI. On the contrary their effect is obvious – negative now as I can see; they really brought FBI intelligence down to earth that they don’t worthy my respect. Look at BMB. A representative specimen of FBI SCREWUPS. FBI said that they interviewed Tamerlan in Makhachkala and let him go to bomb Boston Marathoners: ‘typical Arabic. Oh No! He entered USA by spelling error. Really.’ That’s ain’t FBI that I seen in Denzel Washington movie but sounds typical Maronite Phalangists, Hezbollah, Egyptian Copt, Iranian Pedarsag, Sardarji, Guajarati, Bihari, Iraqi-Shiite, Kurd or Alawite they got great motive just settling their old account in USA courtesy of American taxpayers by snaking Tsarnaeva to fool FBI for living. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva told FBI go to hell! They did big time. Once FBI realized that ‘Misha’ ain’t Mikhail Allakhverdov but ‘teddy bear’ they moved to DNA Game to haunt Tamerlan wife Katherine Russell Saray Mulk-khanum. She told FBI Gorm. I need Tamerlan corpse. They evaporated outta her sight. Now they’re snaking on Kazakhstani trio and toying with Saudi Mountaingoat intelligence whoresmanure. I am expecting FBI to tap on CIA who are dormant all these years as Baghdad frogs in BMB and bring forward Ruslan Tsarni, Graham Fuller, Samantha Ankara Fuller and big A or Ali. Stay tuned it is getting interesting.
Since Seigniorage Banksters crashed in 2007 their Culture ain’t working no mo. Sharia Binge is another Redherring to distracts fools away from real loots. Angosexual Geographical Muslims are the best Arabophobe Guinea pigs to experiment anti-Arabism to crackup nation of Islam. Since English is Islam’s language and Quran is Arabic that most Anti-Arabists loathe to memorize or explore it in the language of origin – then there is huge room for clergymen to maneuver to commit heinous crimes and Freud. Clergymen are feeble corruptible creatures. Islam is shirt of Othman wore wherever a crime yet to be committed. Law of the Land ain’t justice but a game played by scavenging lawyers and fostered by thieving Thugocracies to enable the HAVES rip-off the HAVENOTS. Sharia ain’t justice either it’s a scam played by Ignoramus clergymen to rip-off both the HAVES and the HAVENOTS and dole both loots as commonwealth to Distrusted Trusts notwithstanding Sharia commerce is nothing but an Arabic version of the Old Colonial British-India Merchant Banking
Mark Twain would commit suicide if he knew that Yesterday’s President Obama’s 48 minutes answers in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room were CHOREOGRAPHED to six historic questions. It is mind bugling when BILL asked Obama about Gitmo. Regarding "Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly," that’s POWER GESTURE if you go 24 hours back to Correspondence Dinner and see how Obama insulted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the whole Republican Frugals attending then you will understand that Obama didn’t run outta juice wrongly placed "As Mark Twain said, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point," metaphor.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. GITMOANS ain’t terrorists but conquistadores disowned by Thieving Thugocracies and they found a window of opportunity larger than life. They privileged trouble to prosperity to get attention. They got it all. They wrecked America. Republican Frugals water-boarded them to extract intelligence they got none but Hollywood Bedrock. Obama as Ho-Nigga then chickened-out to displease white folks he ditched the conquistadores to rot and die in Guantanamo. They decided to starve to test destiny. They battled Force-feeding torture. They have some attention now. I am looking forward to see Lindsey Graham ‘to begin with’ saying hell No. When Kerry & Hagel at the Helm around Obama I feel some smartness in DC’s tinted air. Back to Christian-Post Question. Why Do Radical Muslims Hate Americans So Much? Stooopid Question! First there is nothing called Radical Muslims. This is Muslim or never. Back to HAPPY HATE AMERICA DAY. If I say we don’t then I am a fraudulent hypocrite because you are here to hear this from me: ‘Death to America’. Now stop asking stooopid questions and consult with your gynecologist because you’re pregnant. And by the way don’t be afraid. That’s ain’t but cloth those losers are burning. Give them a decent flag they will stop.
Why Do Radical Muslims Hate Americans So Much? Stooopid Question! First nothing called Radical Muslims. This is Muslim or never. Back to HATE America. If I say we don’t then I am a jerk because you are here to hear this from me: ‘Death to America’. Now stop asking stooopid questions and consult with your gynecologist because you’re pregnant. And by the way don’t be afraid that’s but cloth that those losers are burning. Give them a decent flag they will stop.
PREZ PERES TO POPE FRANCIS: Come to Israel We, Jews didn’t murder Jesus. The Wahabi Mohammed did" (albeit Jesus was murder by Jews 670 years before Mohammed birth). Come Pope! I will show you how Israelis can kill Muslim elders, women & Children by one blow. Please don’t read the News. Israeli police watched, Single handed as with kitchen knife unarmed Salam Za’al killed armed settler Evyatar Borovsky, took Borovsky assault gun and begin shooting at Police Spectators. Salam Za’al was detained for 3 years in Israeli jail for crime of throwing stones. He’s released if he cooperates with Israel and turns his kid brother to traitor. Which he did, then this hitchhiking Borovsky he’s an actor, armed security force and has 4 children that he orphaned. Netanyahu will build more settlement to revenge for Borovsky’s Murder. Salam Za’al ain’t a lone wolf but a terrorist. So how Borovsky settled in Tulkarem? Go to bed boys.
When Ann Coulter said on FOXNEWS Zubeidat Tsarnaeva must be arrested for wearing Hijab, Breitbart banned me for saying Ann Coulter must be arrested for being a woman. Last week I said: watch your Tailgate. Vladimir! Especially when Kerry & Hagel at the Helm. Guys! Since Obama ditched Putin role as BMB Truther. Putin ain’t doing well. He lost control. Just now 30 Anti-Putin Protesters detained on Red Square and 140 people busted at Moscow mosque including more than 30 citizens of other countries. Putin used to be my hero when he weaned Caucuses away from Wahabi Mountaingoats and taken them as Proper Russians. BMB screwed up everything. He got greedy. He exploited BMB to silence Gorky Park Vodka Activists. That’s a wrong call. Syria’s sparks ain’t far away to ignite holy war in Chechnya. That’s Putin’s nightmare. Since FBI is NY outfit then it’s religiously Chuck Schumer business to snack some FBI-Russia whoresmanure to fish any hidden credibility in the mud. Don’t bother reading further than Misha ain’t Mikhail Allakhverdov in Russian it’s for Teddy ‘BEAR’. America is desperate to show the enemy that FBI on top of everything. FBI knew nothing about anything before 03:01PM . April 15, 2009. FBI must be closed-down then by An Executive Branch Order. It ain’t worth it to keep such obese white elephant that can’t defend itself. Paparazzi can deliver far better and cheaper intelligence than this crackpot who showed on CNN talking about an Armenian hippie who converted to Islam to bomb America. Armenians are happy to worship Judas Iscariot but not to be Muslims. We & Armenians have one good thing in common: “we hate each other”. MBM was tolerance stress test to America that’s why the bomb was concealed into pressure cooker to avoid killing innocent people. They just killed 3, hospitalized 246 and traumatized 300 million. That’s a home-run. Ron Paul said: Forced lockdown of city. Militarized police riding tanks in streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down. These were not scenes from military coup in far off banana republic, but rather scenes just over week ago in Boston as United States got taste of martial law. The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on loose. The Boston bombing provided opportunity for government to turn what should have been police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city. This unprecedented move should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself.
Turks cannot be trusted. Israelis too. IDF is killing our Elders, Women & Children in Gaza to get DC attention for more weapons. The same IDF flew over Assad Palace without harming him and went bombing alleged chemical weapon depot in Damascus and returned home safe. Would you dumb-down and tell us who the enemy is? Oh no SFA..lemme think!
MILITARY ACTION OVER SYRIA’S SUSPECTED USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS COULD BACKFIRE. Never mind about the narrative. The question is for you ‘THENATIONAL’. You the publisher! Are you in or out? Who are you dancing for? ISRAEL or SYRIA? Make up your mind. Shame on you! Yesterday a poor Syrian subject jumped to his death from 15th floor of Dubai Silicon Oasis Building probably listening to Mediawhore like you sporting the gassing of his parents with Syrian elders, women & children. Have some decency. Be a journalist. Quit scavenging as coldblooded paparazzi hyena on miseries to earn your living. Quit moderating minds.
I needed John McCain to shakeup the WhiteHouse. Democrats are slow-on boot-on-the-ground but patriot Republicans as
Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona who doesn’t need do get Tel-Aviv’s approval to oust Assad outta Syria. Assad Gassing Syrian Elders, Women & Children. It is getting harder and harder for Iran & Russia to maintain their military supplies lines. Russians, Iranians & Hezbollah mercenaries are butchered as boar allover Syria. Jordan king is happy to help to get more USAID for his dying economy and please the Islamists at his end. Turks are mean. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will exploit stalemate to occupy Syrian lands as he did in Northern Iraq to use for Kurdish Homeland away from Turkey motherland where they belong. Tayyip Erdogan will fight to stop Obama have boot-on-the-ground in Syria. Turks cannot be trusted.
“When the world can seem very dark and confusing, presence of priest is presence of hope,” Rev. Richard Cannon is bluffing. Priest is for death and wedding unlike Imam who has to drop everything off hand, wash-out, head to mosque, call for prayer outloud and lead the prayers reciting memorized Quran 5397 times not only after bombing but five times a day, 365 days a year. Imam leads rain, eclipse, death & trarweeh prayers. Rev. Tom Carzon showed up for the bombing like any Truther or sympathizer on every blue moon. Back to priest ban: I vote. No. please let them pray.
Russian state media quoted a Russian Federal Security Service statement as saying those detained Friday included more than 30 citizens of other countries. But the statement did not specify which nations.
Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais Mugshot with Geert Wilders Deputy Arnoud Van Doorn. What kind of stunt-show is this? Saudi Arabia fostered Geert Wilders campaign against Islam through FOXNEWS (a subsidiary of the Kingdom holdings run by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal). This is unorthodox and deciptive. Who are you trying to fool? Are you trying to deceive god as well? وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ‏ Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais is onto his second Stunt-Show somewhere in India next week without bothering to visit those 22 million devastated Kashmiris who crave to touch his feet. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais is just following the agenda of those Godless endangered species of House of al-Saud.
GOD, PLEASE DEFEAT AMERICA’S ALLIES ON MAY 11 is preposterous headline. This is a secular & Godless argument. I need those arguing losers in that room to answer one question. Are they Muslims or Pakistani? History proved that you can’t be both. Pakistani means the boring Zardari, Nawaz Sharief, Imran Khan, Musharaf Etc. and Muslims. Use your imagination. KABOOOM if you ever touch Booze or America. I don’t think those in the room ready for that.
This comment is awaiting moderation. This is the harvest of Foreign Office seeds sown. Watching Thugocracies around the Globe committing heinous crimes against their own. All that is necessary for triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke. Richard Branson devastated by ban on British tourists to Israel, Kenya, South Africa & Turkey due domestic unrest & al-Qaida and yet Thailand went unnoticed where conned British and sedated European tourists are butchered like wild boar in Phuket, Pattaya and those Schizophrenic Islands. Read Pattaya Daily & Phuket Gazette for body count. Ricardo. Mama Teresa killed more infants in her convents than al-Qaida.
Buddhist Monks beat Muslims to death in Burma watch video..Misinformation is act of crime. beforeitsnews contributors trying to draw attention gain mileage. That’s ain’t right. Burmese Muslims are butchered while police watching.
Would you guys dumb down and Google how many millions been in Shanghai tower before getting into ranking Burj Khalifa. Bruno said: achievements build nations and ranks kill it.
Quit Googledjunk. What welfare? USA ain’t afford foostamp them. They u hauled millions of petrodollars to America to survive in your hostile cities. They’re fooled by the American Dream Propaganda that deranged them to drop everything back home and rush to America and now headhunted as rabids. When Ann Coulter said on FOXNEWS Zubeidat Tsarnaeva must be arrested for wearing Hijab, Breitbart banned me for saying Ann Coulter must be arrested for being a woman.
Replying Charles Ford
I don’t have to cover things. Why don’t you fly all those copts (that you are committing suicide for) over to your backyard, they’re handy to babysit your wife & kids and mow your lawn. Regarding what you said: Islam. The religion of the Pedophile, Rapist and Mass Murderer Mohammed. I have millions of website who’re happy to enjoy your ISP if you allow me to pass it to them.
إثبت أنها زوجتك او أختك.. فصلٌ جديد من حملة "الفضيلة" في شوارع غزة
هذه حريات شخصية civil liberties
مش من حق حماس او عباس او الاحتلال اصدار او طلب هوية اي فرد الا اذا ارتكب جريمة فحريته كحرية الطيور في الهواء والسمك في الماء و الدود في الارض. المشكلة ليست سياية وانما مشكلة دستورية هل يحق بيروقراطيا ان تطلب هوية شخص لاتعرفه.
حماس هي شريعة فلسطين بغظ النظر ان كانت مؤسسة ارهابية في حسابات اسرائيل هذا لايعني شيء عند العرب والمسلمين حالها كالاخوان في مصر اوطالبان في باكستان وافغانستان والنصرة في العراق وسوريا
Whites are cautious nutjob doublethinkers. In 2004 it was white vs. white. Everywhite hit the streets and voted for Bush to loot US Reserves and burn it over military complex engaged in two wars that wrecked America. Who cares? Whites preferred jobs over USA. Simply because USA was Whiteman’s World. In 2008 & 2012 it was white vs. black. Whites stayed at home because firstly they don’t trust each other and secondly they didn’t trusted the Rigged Diebold Machines which controlled by ABOVE-THE-LAWs. You must be kidding! Should some White crackpot voted for black against white The ABOVE-THE-LAWs will hunt him down and finish him. The White voters were so scared they stayed back at home lest they’re disowned by The ABOVE-THE-LAWs who will starve their children & elders to death if they ever voted black. As a matter of fact they are doing it to those white fools who voted black today. “Kill that bloody Nigga-lover”. During Obama administration foodstamps subscribers are higher than ever. Black Inmates and Black jobless are gracefully holding to the 90% Residency over America’s Stats since Lincoln. Black voters turnout ain’t perspective here. If a Ho-Nigga spotted singing and crying at the mall during Obama inauguration. That ain’t black enough. That’s Rupert Murdoch in his natural habitat minting money outta zombie’s turnout. This percussion is over Joe Biden’s tactical allegation to MSNBC that if McCain pushed harder on saving American economy he probably won 2008 Presidency.
Fountain of jihad that’s nice. I Am a Muslim I love to sip some amrit to ram your rectum. would you pass zip code of this fountain to me so I can franchise it and open a bottling factory around to sell its water to all thousands of Hindu terrorist groups whoever love to devastate Delhi to get their birthrights here’s specimens of them: ZRV,ZRA,UPDS,UNLF,UMLFA,ULMA,ULFA,UKLF,UIRA,UILA,UBLF,TTYF,TTYF,TTVF,TTSF,TTDF,TTACF,TSV,TSV,TRRB,TPC,TNRT,TNRF,TNLA,TNDTF,TNA,TMP,TLOF,TLF,TDF,TCF,TATCF,SIMI,SDFT,RNSF,RMC,RJC,PULF,PREPAK,PRA,PLF-M,PLA,NSCN-K,NSCNI-M,NSCN-IM,NNC-Adino,NMT,NLFT,NEMF,NDFB,MVF,MULTA,MULFA,MTF,MSF,MSCA,MPLF,MLTA,MLA,LTTE,KZF,KYKL,KSF,KRPC,KRLO,KRF,KRA,KPF,KNV,KNV,KNO,KNF,KNA,KNA,KLO,KLF,KLF,KLA,KKK,KIF,KIA,KDF,KCP,KCF,KAF,IURPI,ISYF,ISS,Isak-Muivah,IRPA,IRF,INF,ILAA,IKL,HULA,HRF,HPC-D,HPC,HNLC,GTF,DHD,CPI-ML-Janashakti,CPI-Maoist,CKRF,BVYLF,BTFK,BTF,BNCT,BMS,BLTF,BKI,BCF,ATVF,ATTF,ATNF,ATLO,ATBSF,ATBR,ASF,AS,ANVC,AISSF,ADF,ABNES,AAASS, ADINO,
That’s ain’t Zionist problem. Unless you won’t to fool the whole world that: “Guys! We, Jews didn’t murder Jesus. The Wahabi Mohammed did. Go get him" (albeit Jesus was murder by Jews 670 years before Mohammed birth). Have some decency be journalist don’t be paparazzi. Try blind and quit scavenging on miseries as hyena to get noticed. On the contrary you’re getting condemned day by day.
Retailing religion in the military was during Former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused of using quotes from Bible underneath a passage from Book of Isaiah: "Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung; their horses’ hoofs seem like flint, their chariot wheels are like a whirlwind." Another briefing showed a picture of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein beneath a quotation from the First Epistle of Peter: "It is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men." risked giving Muslims impression that war was a clash between Christianity and Islam. "taking a risk with national security,"
Obama t o Emir of Qatar: Hire 800 Unemployable Us Journalists or I will have McCain Germs overthrow you and dole Aljazeera to Iran. You hear me.

TheLegend33: It seems you know some English in order to input slang
Stsheetrock: THANK YOU
TheLegend33: plus you sound like a smart-arse who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. …
TheLegend33: Which leads me to believe you’re just another follower with some sort of identity crisis
TheLegend33: You sound like a cross between a mis-informed misfit and an Alex Jones wannabe.
TheLegend33: You really hate America
Stsheetrock: GOD HEAVEN NO
TheLegend33: but your here because daddy sent you to get an education.
TheLegend33: Your either very rich or from the "sewer" and receiving living assistance from the people you actually hate.
TheLegend33: If you don’t like us,
TheLegend33: why do you stay?
TheLegend33: If I went to your country and I didn’t like it, I would leave.
TheLegend33: If your here for an education,
Stsheetrock: GOD FORBID NO
TheLegend33: appreciate it
TheLegend33: Try and be respectful to others and you’ll find people here (real Americans) will treat you with respect.

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Jason Collins Gay Athlete Benediction by Obama in James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. What about Sheikh Khalifa? Oh I know where I can get his news for sure. Lemme’ hit the sponsored propagandists: KHALEEJTIMES & GULFNEWS.

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