Massage Continuing Education Webinar

.A therapeutic massage continuing training webinar (or web-based seminar) is a choice for therapeutic massage practitioners to take their CE courses in a convenient method, from anywhere they have a net connection…

As a participant, one views slides while playing the trainer’s voice. This structure also allows the therapist a way to ask questions, participate in conversations, and tune in to others talk about the technique or subject being taught.

Numerous continuing training providers are actually providing webinars. They truly are an affordable substitute for therapeutic massage therapists, but in addition enable teachers to instruct courses to numerous pupils at precisely the same time.

That is an alternative way for practitioners to master from top teachers without travel expenses, at an affordable price, when you look at the capability of office or home, but still interact with the instructor.

Benefits and drawbacks of Massage Continuing Knowledge Webinar Mastering


  • Can be done yourself! real time workshop courses are great, however they require that you devote some time from your task, business, and/or household, occasionally for an extended period of the time. Webinars give you the capability of both!
  • Affordable! Massage continuing education webinar prices are never as plus you conserve the expense of travel (airfare, fuel, long car ride, meals, etc.) and have now no lost wages. Cost of a class is normally $25-$30.
  • AMTA, ABMP, NCBTMB accepted! But constantly make sure that the supplier you choose is authorized.
  • Video demonstrations, live Q&A, and live chat
  • Massage Specialists! Power to have well-known educators that offer specialist training and guidance for growing your training.
  • Visual mastering…which is exactly how people understand most readily useful!
  • in your routine! Although therapeutic massage continuing knowledge webinar classes are live, many offer a recording so you can view if it is convenient available or re-watch to get one thing you have missed
  • Simple and easy to use -Visual and sound tend to be streamed through your computer
  • Ability to provide comments and webinar reviews towards presenter


  • Room is bound in a massage continuing training webinar, you could frequently buy a recorded variation following the fact
  • Participation in real time Q&A, and live talk are only for people who attend live
  • Must be self-directed—you need to make the full time to watch and practice these methods without having the structure of being in a class setting
  • Not hands-on – webinars tend to be a virtual discovering tool
  • No certification—these classes are far more basic and don’t claim to certify you as an expert or enable you to claim you’re certified by an instructor

The Benjamin Institute is an internet center for instant, quality, convenient and affordable continuing training from leading massage specialists.

Instructors tend to be popular and specialists in their area of therapeutic massage training.

Some consist of:

Ben Benjamin- which keeps a Ph.D. in Sports drug and knowledge and ended up being the creator of Muscular treatment Institute and Benjamin Institute. He learned with Dr. James Cyriax, the “father of orthopedic medication,” and it has applied their ideas towards recovery of typical soft tissue injuries through competent therapeutic massage.

Dr. Ben Benjamin’s therapeutic massage continuing education webinar courses feature:

    • Unraveling the Mystery of minimal Back Pain: A 7-Part Series
    • Unraveling the Mystery of Cervical Pain: A 6-Part Series
    • Unraveling the Mystery of Shoulder soreness: A 5-Part Series
    • Unraveling the Mystery of Knee soreness: A 7-Part Series
    • Unraveling the Mystery of Ankle Pain: A 4-Part Series
    • Unraveling the Mystery of Hip & Thigh Pain: A 5-Part Series
    • Injury & Pain Rehabilitation 

The Benjamin Institute offers many webinars from Orthopedic therapeutic massage methods to Anatomy Trains and introductory on line classes on rub in Cancer Care and Prenatal rub.

Buying & Cost: you can easily purchase webinars individually or enroll for a complete series. The charge for one webinar is $25-30. If you order a full series, you save between $30 and $50.

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Massage Continuing Education Webinar

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