Social Justice Warriors Want Veterans BANNED From Attending College

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs authorized personal justice warriors publishing a flyer from the school’s campus which needs that veterans be “banned” from four-year universities and colleges.

Why do these snowflakes want veterans banned?

Well, white supremacy obviously!

That’s right, those who have fought and risked their resides for the nation are actually automatically labeled “white supremacists” and banned from going to college.

From The Blaze

Based on KKTV, the leaflets make exceptionally wide generalizations about those that fought to protect the freedoms of an incredible number of Americans. The pamphlets declare that “many veterans freely mock the a few ideas of variety and safe rooms for vulnerable members of culture.”

The message continues on to state that although “many veterans utter the mantra that they, ‘do perhaps not see shade,’” veterans socialize by themselves “into the military tradition which of a white supremacist company.” Consequently, the flyer checks out, veterans “have already been forever tainted.”

Nevertheless the creators of leaflets didn’t stop there in criticizing ab muscles those who forfeited their particular lives because of this country. They later on claimed that veterans have an “overwhelming presence in the classroom,” that may “distract various other pupils.” Specially, the flyers state, this will be real for “vulnerable people such as LGBTQQI2SAA” because those “have already been considered the butt of insensitive jokes made by veterans.”

Possibly the many crazy allegation of made against veterans is that they tend to be “usually” associated with extremists right-wing teams.” The leaflets especially name the Tea Party as well as the nationwide Rifle Association as among the “extremist right-wing groups.”

In trying to distance itself from the disrespectful, distasteful and outright untrue allegations lobbed against veterans, UCCS Chancellor Venkat Reddy revealed a declaration. Inside it, Reddy stated the flyers “stand during the intersection of two core values for UCCS and higher education.”

“On the only hand, we recognize just the right of people to state their viewpoints, even when those viewpoints tend to be unpleasant to numerous within our community,” Reddy said, adding that he “rejects the idea that we should censor those that denigrate other people, as censorship would have silenced numerous sounds within the years which needed to be heard.”

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Social Justice Warriors Want Veterans BANNED From Attending College

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