Struggle… Victory…

Struggle... Victory...

“Strength is Happiness. Strength is itself victory. In weakness and cowardice there is no happiness. When you wage a struggle, you might win or you might lose. But regardless of the short-term outcome, the very fact of your continuing to struggle is proof of your victory as a human being.”

– Daisaku Ikeda

At 8am tomorrow I will be taking the CBEST Exam. It measures your intelligence in reading, writing, and math. I have to pass it in order to get into the GTEP program at PSU (I’m working towards earning my teaching certificate in order to become an art teacher. I earned my BFA this past May). I have always been comfortable with reading and writing… in fact, I enjoy both immensely. But, Math… UGH. You know how Superman feels about kryptonite? It’s kind of like that. It just has never come easy to me: I have always had to struggle and study over it. And don’t even get me started on multiple choice tests. I hate a test where they ask you what choice is "most right." Isn’t that based on opinion? Oh well. Overall I feel pretty good about it… I’m even a bit excited to take it. Is that strange?

My struggle is proof of my strength and victory as a human being… I am ready to struggle… I am ready to be victorious. I am ready to have this exam over with. I am ready to pass and move on to my next battle as I try to further my education.

My wish is that through these struggles of mine, I will come out the other side a stronger, happier, fulfilled individual.

Send out your brainy vibes everyone! 😀

Wish me luck!

(Right now I am off to see some Thesis Presentations over at PNCA! A dear friend of mine is presenting… exciting!! Then the rest of the day will be spent studying and resting… *sigh*)

Happy Friday everyone!

Posted by Jade M. Sheldon on 2009-12-04 14:41:02

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Struggle… Victory…

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