The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

If the women don’t find you handsome, at least they should find you handy…

Some other quotes from the Red Green Show:

•Thinking is not a good thing when you’re feeling smart.
•Some people give their creations to their friends but there’s a risk of them returning the favor.
•Anybody can impress a naïve young girl. It’s a lot harder with a woman who’s been around the block a few times.
•A will is your last chance to make a point. And nobody can talk back.
•If your wife stops talking, always wait a full minute before speaking: she may not be finished.
•Don’t talk to your wife on the telephone unless you’re a professional.
•There’s a general feeling among the guys that anybody who has a lot of knowledge, education, or accurate information is probably boring.
•Men prefer to go on gut feeling. Not that we have a lot of guts, but most of us have a lot of gut.
•Men aren’t lost; they just go the long way.
•Don’t just keep talking until you think of something worth saying. You may not.
•Reading the instructions is like cheating.

Posted by Jan Tik on 2005-04-18 02:06:15

Tagged: , duct tape , Red Green , handyman , secret weapon

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The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

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