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I’ll be honest, not a ton of idea goes into each day’s intro to funny pictures. I know that may come as a shock to most of you (especially since you read all of them thoroughly every day), but for my money, it’s far better compose all of them spurt of-the-moment as I go. That’s the reason why IBM invented the backspace secret, most likely. See? completely off-the-cuff. I recently had that information readily available in my noggin, complete internet protocol address and all sorts of.

But enough about myself. Think about you? Just kidding, there’s no time at all for that right now. We hilarious memes also such net gems to blow our valued time on. What’s another term for that? Waste? Yeah, that is it. But hey, we do value your opinion. In reality, we be sure to mention it each and every day below whenever we ask you to check united states out on social media. What, did you think we simply liked becoming “Liked?”

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Today’s Funny pictures 8-29-17

funny photographs 8-29-17

funny photos 8-29-174_funny_photos_8_29_175_funny_photos_8_29_17




That tattoo makes us hungry. Hungry for even more funny photos, which.

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Today’s Funny Photos

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