Young Boy reading a book | Young boy studying |

Young Boy reading a book | Young boy studying |

The moment we start to think, we begin to gather data. Data that will guide us, clothes us, and feed us in our very existence.

AMAZING , acknowledge them
BELIEVABLE, trust them.
CHILDLIKE, allow them
DIVINE, honour them
ENERGETIC, nourish them
FALLIBLE, embrace them
GIFTS, treasure them
HERE NOW, be with them
INNOCENT, delight with them
JOYFUL, appreciate them
KINDHEARTED, learn from them
LOVABLE, cherish them
MAGICAL, fly with them
NOBLE, esteem them
OPEN MINDED, respect them
PRECIOUS, value them
QUESTIONERS, encourage them
RESOURCEFUL, support them
SPONTANEOUS, enjoy them
TALENTED, believe in them
UNIQUE, affirm them
VULNERABLE, protect them
WHOLE, recognize them
XTRA SPECIAL, celebrate them
YEARNING, notice them
ZANY, .laugh with them

written by Meiji Stewart

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Posted by ROMMEL BANGIT on 2008-07-24 02:43:41

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Young Boy reading a book | Young boy studying |

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